måndag 12 november 2012

The Great Wall of China

Läs texten och glosorna till onsdag 14 nov.

Write the correct word. Use the Swedish words to help you.

1. The Great Wall i a __________ stone wall.
2. They say that the wall is__________from the moon.
3. There is a __________ that says what the section is called.
4. The Ming Dynasty ruled China in the 14th __________.
5. The word dynasty means a family of __________.
6. China was ruled by an __________, not by a king.
7. The wall is 7.8 metres __________ and 5.8 metres __________.
8. They built the wall to _________ invaders.
9. The wall is 6,000 kilometres __________.

tjock, enorm, härskare, hög, kejsare, lång, platta, stänga ute, synlig, århundrade

Write five sentences about the Great Wall of China, publish the sentences on your blog. Use these words:


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