onsdag 23 januari 2013

La vie d'Edith Piaf - läxa fredag 25 jan

Bild på Edith Piafs grav på Père Lechaise-kyrgogården
(bild fr Wikipedia commons)

måndag 14 januari 2013

Music project - åk 8

Making a music video

During the weeks 3 - 7, we are going to work with a music project in groups of 3-4 people. You are going to present the project you have been doing, to the rest of the class, week 7 on Wednesday.

Using your computers you are supposed to create a music video to an English song. Along with the music video, you need to present the lyrics both in English and Swedish.

Guidelines for the video:
  • You work in groups of three and three or four and four. It is important that you make all the decisions, like the choice of song, together.
  • Everybody in the group MUST take part in the video
  • The video must show what the song is about, so you really need to understand the lyrics of the song
  • You are allowed to use any tool you might need to do the video, like your mobile phone, a camera, clothes etc, just as long as you can present your video via your computer.

You also have to do this:
  • week 4 - hand in a journal over what you have been doing with the project, who is going to do what, why you chose the song you chose, how you are going to make the video, what kind of tools you need to make the video and so on. You must also tell me which song you have chosen, of course.
  • Week 5 - hand in the lyrics of the song both in Swedish and in English, translate it together. Write the words you did not know before both in Swedish and in English and hand them in together with the lyrics. This has to be done individually.
  • Week 7 – hand in a journal – individually – describing what you thought about the project. Did everything work? Was it easy/difficult? Did you find it fun/boring – why? Did you learn something – what? How did your group work, did everyone participate? Write down all your thoughts about it, good and bad. Write this in English.

Send in all your texts by e-mail.

Best of luck!
I'm really looking forward watching your videos,


torsdag 10 januari 2013

Klockan på franska - Enkel genomgång

Il est quelle heure?/Quelle heure est-il? Vad är klockan?

Il est cinq heures.                                              Den/Klockan/Hon är fem.

Il est cinq heures cinq. Den är fem över fem.

Il est cinq heures dix.                                        Den är tio över fem.

Il est cinq heures et quart. Den är kvart över fem.

Il est cinq heures vingt. Den är tjugo över fem.

Il est cinq heures vingt-cinq. Den är fem i halv sex.

Il est cinq heures trente/et demie. Den är halv sex.

Il est six heures moins vingt-cinq. Den är fem över halv sex.

Il est six heures moins vingt. Den är tjugo i sex.

Il est six heures moins le quart. Den är kvart i sex. 

Il est six heures moins dix. Den är tio i sex.

Il est six heures moins cinq.                                Den är fem i sex.

Il est six heures.                                               Den är sex.

Il est une heure. Den är ett.

Il est midi. Klockan är tolv på dagen.

Il est minuit. Det är midnatt.